What inspired us to start Unplug Experiences?


Our society is addicted to technology. As human beings we are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression and what psychotherapists are calling 'brain fog', which is strongly linked to frequent use of digital devices. If you are a smart phone and computer user, chances are that your brain is constantly distracted and overwhelmed by information overload. Don't get us wrong. Technology is incredible, but  like all good things in life it's best in moderation, and we think that life is too short to waste any of it feeling foggy or stressed. Our mission is to encourage mindfulness around the use of technology, with the goal of achieving physical and mental wellbeing. 

Each Unplug Experience is hosted in a beautiful natural environment which affords you the head space to recharge. The accommodation is always luxurious to ensure a good night's sleep, and we provide food that is both delicious and nourishing. We only partner with talented and experienced practitioners, and keep the groups small for maximum unplugging. Each retreat focuses on community based meditative activities which encourage you to feel present and connected to the people around you. These include activities such as yoga, horse riding, pottery, meditation, bee keeping, flower arranging, fire making, foraging, baking, walking, painting... the list is endless! 

We want our guests to discover their own possibility to lead a different lifestyle that is more present and conscious. It's about rediscovering the beauty of community, reconnecting with nature, learning something new, having some fun, and to come away feeling truly refreshed and inspired to lead a more intentional life. We have so many fun ideas and projects planned. Join our mailing list on the Homepage to keep up-to-date with ways to Unplug!